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I like the idea of having a link to more information about VCL without 
requiring people to first log in to see the link.  However, I think it would 
be strange to only have a single item in the navigation area on the left.  How 
about adding a few information links?  Maybe something like the following:

What is VCL?
Using VCL
Getting Access to VCL

Each would be a link to the Apache VCL site by default, but could be changed 
for individual sites if so desired.

What do others think?


On Tuesday, June 05, 2012 4:10:34 PM Dmitri Chebotarov wrote:
> Hi
> Is it possible to make Documentation link available on very 1st page at VCL
> website? If possible it should be on the left pane, where modules links
> usually displayed after login. User can click an learn about VCL system
> before they need to select authentication and/or login to the VCL.
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