Happy Friday everyone,

I am trying to update an image (Windows XP) but the "Update Image" radio button 
is greyed out (step 5 below).

I started with a Windows XP vm and captured it to create a Base Image.
Then I created a new image from that Base.
I then created another new image from that image. (I was building on previous 
software installs but it's for a different set of users hence the two different 

Any quick tips for what I might be doing wrong?

I am following these steps:

1. Create an Imaging Reservation using an existing image
2. Load the image and make the desired changes to the image
3. Disconnect from the image and proceed to the Current Reservations page
4. Click on the Create Image button
5. Choose whether to create a new image or update an existing image
6. Accept the Installer Agreement
7. Fill in the image name and optional image notes
8. Start the image creation process

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