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On the page with the time table (green blocks), how many columns of green 
blocks do you have?  Each column corresponds to a computer that the image is 
mapped to be able to run on.

There is a bug with a part of the scheduling algorithm (fixed in upcoming 2.3) 
that attempts to detect if a computer is failing without being flagged as such 
and removes it from the ones that could be assigned to you.  However, it would 
not be removed from the time table.  So, if you are only seeing one column, it 
is possible that you are encountering this bug.


On Monday, June 11, 2012 6:04:19 PM Hechler, Adam wrote:
> Hello again,
> Well, we've run across another stumbling block that I hope someone can help
> with. We've been able to reproduce it using the same steps so I have to
> assume this would be simple for someone to answer.
> Windows XP image
> Manage Images -> Create/Update an Image -> Reservation
> RDP into Image (XP), update software, install new packages, etc.
> Back to Current Reservation -> Create/Update Image -> Update Existing Image
> (at this point we get the "Update Image" screen telling us that once the
> image creation is completed that we should create a new reservation, test
> the environment, go back to Current Reservations screen, click End, then
> Make this the production revision) So we get the email that Image Updated
> Successfully
> Go into New Reservation
> Connect to XP and take a look around. I need to install some more packages.
> Come back to Current Reservations and click End
> But instead of making production revision, we choose just End the
> reservation (I have more to do to it).
> Gog into Manage Images -> Create/Update an Image -> Reservation again
> Choose the latest revision
> This time we get a screen telling us that the time requested is not
> available and we need to choose a time from the green blocks. The whole
> page is green blocks. No matter what we click on it takes us back the
> reservation screen which repeats the cycle.
> There must be a way to get back into that revision, no?
> Thanks,
> Adam Hechler
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