On Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 02:37:40PM -0400, Josh Thompson wrote:
> You're hitting a bug in 2.2.1.  If you go to Manage Computers->Computer 
> Utilities, you can set the VM to the available state successfully.

Thanks.  I had looked around a little for another way to do it but
missed that.

Now I'm a little further and hitting a new problem.  I can start the
capture process, but the capture process fails.  I don't have a
successful instance to compare against, so I'm not sure exactly where
the salient problem is, but I notice this in the log:

 node OS object has already been created, address: 3fc9dc8, returning 1
 object created for computer vcl-linux-template-1, address: 432a330
 2012-06-14 14:15:57|25286|3:3|image|VIM_SSH.pm:initialize(126)|VIM
 executable is not available on the VM host, output:
 |25286|3:3|image| bash: vim-cmd: command not found
 |25286|3:3|image| bash: vmware-vim-cmd: command not found

That's strange, because when I ssh from my management node to the ESX
machine, I see:

 ~ # which vim-cmd

I also notice that during "vcld -setup", it never asks which hypervisor
is running the VM we want to capture, so how does it know where to ssh
to run vim-cmd?  ...And that makes me wonder, is it connecting to the
wrong host to do the capture?

It isn't connecting to the VM itself, at least not according to logs on
that machine.

So I'm confused.

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