You will find descriptions for the different fields at this link:

(about half way down the page)

Briefly, the 'repository' is necessary if your VM Hosts use 'localdisk' 
storage. It is also necessary if you want to enable the image library or run 
multiple management nodes.

The 'datastore' field holds the location of master (persistent) VMDK files.

The 'vm path' field holds the (non-persistent) data for running VMs. If this 
isn't configured, the VM host will just use the 'datastore' path.


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On Jun 14, 2012, at 5:12 PM, Michael Jinks wrote:

I'm sure this is in the docs somewhere but I haven't seen it.

I'm working my way through the base image capture process, one error at
a time.  Latest problem mail contains:

disk type is set to 'localdisk' but the repository path is NOT
configured for VM
+profile 'VMware ESX - local storage', this configuration is not
allowed because
+it may result in vmdk directories being deleted without a backup copy
saved in
+the image repository

...So I'm looking at the "Manage Virtual Hosts" -> "VM Host Profiles"
page, and I find settings for "Repository Path", "Data Store Path", and
"VM Path".

I gather that one of those is the data store where disk files for live
VM's are stored, another is the data store where VM templates are stored
(right?) and the third is... what?  I don't know.

Which should be which?

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