Hello all,

I looked around a little bit but didn't see any documentation on how to delete 
images (and their associated files).
Through all of my testing I've wound up creating quite a few images and I'd 
like to clean things up before continuing.

What I have been able to do is this:

In Manage Computers I reloaded all of the computers that had one of the images 
I wanted to delete with a different image. I didn't see any method of just 
"unloading" the images from the computers.
In Manage Images, I just selected the Delete button for those images I wanted 
to delete (I had tried this first but received the message that the selected 
resource was in use which is what led me to load different images in the Manage 
Computers screen).

So now, when I got to VMWare Server, I no longer see the images there.

If I look in our datastore, the physical files are still there and if I look in 
the database, I still see the images in the "image" table.  I figured before I 
just physically delete the files, or delete records from the database, I better 
ask. Hoping for some guidance.


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