Hi Curtis,
You can do almost anything you wish in an RPM. My goal is to have a one-click VCL installation for basic first-time users. Your suggestions are appreciated.

Curtis C. wrote:
On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 12:31 PM, Larry W Burton <lwbur...@ncat.edu> wrote:
Hi Everett,
Have you looked at the automated installation scripts I posted? They are set
up for inclusion in an rpm.

Hi Larry,

I did come across your scripts on the wiki.

At this point I was just using the official tar ball and the patch
that is in the official instructions.

Usually, AFAIK, RPMs only install the software and it's basic default
configuration files. Once the package is installed then you could
configure/initialize it with something like chef, puppet, ansible,
etc, or your custom scripts.



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Subject: Re: RPM-ing VCL 2.2.1

Does anyone on the VCL core dev team have an interest in this? Should we
create a JIRA issue for it?


On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 5:00 PM, Curtis C.

Hi All,

I've been working on an initial spec file for VCL 2.2.1. Currently I

believe all the dependencies, CPAN modules included, can be obtained

from the EPEL and RPMForge repositories. If the project is going to

support RHEL and CentOS only then providing a RPM could allow you to

remove the requirement to run (and maintain) the perl libs install


Still a bit more work to do, but I thought I would send it along

before I get too far to find out if anyone has

suggestions/comments/criticisms. :)

You can see it here:

Right now it creates 3 packages: a main doc package (just contains the

sql files right now), a web package, and a management node package.

One question I have is about the:

use VMware::Vix::Simple;

use VMware::Vix::API::Constants

in the VIX_API.pm file. Those libraries are not, AFAIK, distributed

with VCL and the official install docs don't ask to have them

installed either. But the rpmbuild process picks those modules up as




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