On my Tecra S1 laptop, running the experimental Xorg server with
vt console support, I noticed that Xorg loses access to the
/dev/srn device after switching from Xorg gui to a text console and back
to Xorg:

After Xorg is started I see:

# pfiles `pgrep Xorg` | grep srn
      /devices/pseudo/srn at 0:srn

After switching to a text console and back to Xorg
the /dev/srn file isn't open any more:

# pfiles `pgrep Xorg` | grep srn

This is a problem if we now suspend the system, because 
Xorg won't notice that the system is going to be suspended,
and doesn't save the state of the video hardware.  After a
resume, the state of the gui video hardware is corrupted and
the laptop must be power cycled.
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