Thanks for the info.
Please see below.

On 11/11/08 01:27, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> Aaron Zang wrote:
>> By default Xorg on Solaris opens the virtual keyboard device
>> (/dev/kbd). 
> Xorg 1.3 and earlier.   In the Xorg 1.5.x release we're working
> to integrate now, Xorg uses HAL to discover input devices and gets
> back the individual HID devices from under /dev/usb, so that device
> events can be handled separately by applications, and device configurations
> such as 3rd-button-emulation or keyboard layout can be set per-physical 
> device.

What does Xorg 1.5.x do when there is no USB keyboard on the system?
Would it still use /dev/kbd to access say a PS/2 keyboard?

I will investigate on this issue.

Thanks again,

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