On 12/10/08 18:21, Robert Milkowski wrote:
> Hello Aaron,
> Wednesday, December 10, 2008, 2:10:31 AM, you wrote:
> AZ> End users are not supposed to interact with /usr/lib/vtdaemon binary 
> directly,
> AZ> instead they should manage VT via SMF functionalities.
> AZ> The -k option is used to disable VT switching even when vtdaemon SMF 
> service is running.
> I was surprised that after a clean install of 0811 options/hotkeys was
> set to false and I couldn't find any manpage, etc. on what to do to
> get it working.
> But I guess in a near future, after vconsole integration with Xorg, it
> all be enabled by default.

Sorry for the inconvenience, yes, what you guessed is right. After all 
done, virtual console
will be enabled by default. So VT advocates like you  won't have the  
trouble of trying to
enable it.

> The other question is - when I boot OS with console=ttya and vt
> consoles still enabled it looks like I get a console on a serial
> console and still I get VT consoles when I plug in monitor/keyboard
> directly to a server - that's cool. Is it intended to work like that?

Yes, it is by design.


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