Sean McGrath - Sun Microsystems Ireland wrote:
> With Xen, would it be possible to allocate virtual console to different 
> guests ?
On Linux it's actually rather easy to accomplish.
In the /etc/inittab file instead of running a mingetty on that console 
you put a wrapper shell with respawn that basically does the following:

xm console $1 <$2 >$2 2>$2
assuming that $1 is the name of the guest domain and $2 is the tty that 
it's supposed to run on. I think that it should be just as easy on 
Solaris. I know that something better could be done, including having a 
smf service that runs automatically a different guest on each console, 
and that can have properties which could deny certain guests from 
appearing, but it can be as simple as one line, as seen above.

I am curious how you guys want to implement that. I think that the Xen 
team should be the one that decides, and I think that SMF should have 
some hooks designed especially for these kind of services, in which they 
can choose which tty to run on.

Ideally, you should just have to enable the "xengetty", console-login 
and gnome2-login services with svcadm


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