We did have issues/proposals posted on vconsole-discuss at opensolaris.org
and the project webpage, and even the bfu archives. We'll still post
other proposals/discussions. Your comments are always welcome, and it's
a part of OpenSolaris.


Richard Lowe wrote:
> Alan Coopersmith wrote:
>> Normally I'd suggest checking the vconsole-discuss list instead,
>> but it seems to be mostly spam - much higher than other OpenSolaris
>> lists for some reason (is it not spam filtered or set up with the
>> same admin settings as the rest of us who have to filter spam on our
>> lists?).
>> I do know the team has been working on it a lot, but certainly needs
>> to get more of that work out in the open.   There's been a lot of
>> design discussions and discussions on interactions with components
>> such as X, gdm, etc. they've held internally that should be held in
>> the open to be a true part of OpenSolaris.
> They certainly should have, we don't need another devname.
> (http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/devname).  The only 
> opensolaris.org project I know of that went back into Nevada without 
> *any* content on opensolaris.org and with a single, spam, post on its list.
> -- Rich

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