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Roland Mainz <roland.mainz at nrubsig.org> wrote:
> One small request: Could you please rename /dev/vt/ to something longer,
> e.g. /dev/vtconsole/ (the idea is to make the name more descriptive and
> avoid possible "fun" with name collisions ? la libcmd (see
> http://www.opensolaris.org/os/community/arc/caselog/2006/561/onepager/))

Just FYI, in Amiga Unix (the only precedent I know for virtual consoles under
SVR4) we named the virtual consoles /dev/term/con[1-n] .

> Random ideas/thoughs:

Also in Amiga Unix there was an "index" screen that showed a brief list of the
open virtual consoles and a w(1)-like display of what was running on each one.
You could use the arrow keys or mouse to switch to one of the screens.  The
index screen could be selected by Alt-Esc, but it also became selected
whenever the last process closed the currently selected console.  I.e., when
you log out, you are shown a list of virtual terminals, reminding you that you
might also need to log out on some of them as well.

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