Riny Qian wrote:
> Darren J Moffat wrote:
>> Riny Qian wrote:
>>> All,
>>> Currently we propose "Alt+h" or "Alt+SysRq" for switching to the system
>>> console, and "Alt+F#" for switching to virtual consoles, because the
>>> system console is special. And we also want to keep a little
>>> compatibility with older Solaris with virtual console feature.
>>> Someone may think that "Alt+h" or "Alt+SysRq" is unnecessarily
>>> inconsistent with the other virtual consoles, and think it should be
>>> "Alt + F1" for switching to the system console.
>> I think Alt + F1 should go to the first VT.  Wither VT1 is the
>> system console or not depends on the consadm(1M) configuration, right?
> It's out of consadm(1M) scope. consadm is only able to add/remove
> serial/modem tty into the auxiliary console devices.
> We have the system console and virtual consoles on Solaris.
> consadm can be enhanced to support adding virtual consoles into
> the auxiliary console devices list if really needed.
> The system console is special, we need some key sequences to
> switch to the system console. Alt + F# is just for virtual consoles,
> and Alt + F1 goes to the first VT.

What does Linux do ?

I thought, but it has been a while at Alt+F1 went to
/dev/console and Alt+F2 went to the first non system console vt

I don't see any reason we need to be different to Linux
here - or is what you are proposing what they currently
do ?

>> I don't see any reason to be incompatible with other
>> systems that have the same functionality.
>> I also don't think we should use Alt+h or Alt+SysRq.  If I
>> remember correctly Alt+SysRq is/was used on Linux for some
>> other functionality.  Alt+h just seems to generic and more like
>> an application specific key combination.
> Then "Alt + Home" or what else?

Definitely not Alt+Home that really looks like some thing an Emacs
user would have bound to something (I used to do Emacs
but I'm a vim user now).

Why isn't Alt+F1 what goes to the console ?

Darren J Moffat

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