Gary Winiger writes:
> > We can check if we're in the global zone in the smf start method
> > (console-login); if not, disable all virtual console instances.
>       In general services are delivered disabled.  It would seem
>       more appropriate to enable the virtual instances when configured
>       rather than disable them where inappropriate.

We don't ship a system with the console itself disabled by default, do
we?  ;-}

For ease of use, I'd rather see virtual console instances created and
started when invoked from the keyboard, if that's at all possible.
Having to preconfigure a set number of them feels way too much like
the bad-old-days of BSD pseudoterminal allocation.  Plus, the point
where I'll need these things is almost certainly precisely the point
where I'll be unable to start any.

What is the security issue that's fixed by forcing explicit allocation
of individual virtual console instances?

Might that issue be better dealt with some sort of resource limit?

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