Dan Price writes:
> > Having a virtual console attached as a zone console sounds like a
> > nifty idea to me.  It doesn't sound as simple to achieve as just
> > logging into the global zone and doing zlogin -C, but potentially
> > useful.
> Does "nifty" translate into a customer use case here?  I'm wary of
> putting roadblocks in front of an obviously useful project in pursuit of
> not-obviously-useful functionality.

"Nifty" translates into removing one of the non-regularities about the
consoles on non-global zones.

I can imagine cases where you might want to do this.  For example,
allowing physical console access to a machine in a data center that
has non-global zones on it, where the zones represent different (but
cooperative) organizations using the system.

Today, you'd either have to allow root login to make that work, or
you'd have to have some sort of "special" accounts that just exec
zlogin.  It can be done, but it's unattractive.

I agree completely that we need virtual consoles to integrate _first_
and then worry about investigating other ways the new feature could be
used.  I was just commenting on Mike's observation, not suggesting
that the project team run off and do something different.  :-/

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