Michael Shapiro wrote:
>>>How does one configure that?
>>As said, users can disable/enable and remove/add virtual consoles using
> I don't see in your spec how exactly this works: the specific issue I'm
> concerned with is that you're really trying to create instances based upon
> the configuration of the number of pseudo-device nodes.  Is this being
> done dynamically from some SMF method?  Because there is no way via svcadm
> at present for a user to perform what I call a "clone" -- i.e. add a new
> instance which looks like some previous instance or inherits the basic
> set of properties from some service.  And this is what you would need
> in order to create new vt smf instances on-the-fly.  How were you planning
> on handling the creation/deletion of instances?

Yes, there's a limitation of smf to inherit some properties, especially
property group. I once asked this question in the smf mailling alias.

Ideally, uses can simply run:

     # svccfg -s console-login add vt8
     # svccfg -s console-login:vt8 setprop ttymon/device="/dev/vt/8"

But currently users have to manually add ttymon property group and
set properties after adding an instance.

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