Michael Shapiro wrote:
>>>Yes, there's a limitation of smf to inherit some properties, especially
>>>property group. I once asked this question in the smf mailling alias.
>>>Ideally, uses can simply run:
>>>    # svccfg -s console-login add vt8
>>>    # svccfg -s console-login:vt8 setprop ttymon/device="/dev/vt/8"
>>>But currently users have to manually add ttymon property group and
>>>set properties after adding an instance.
> That's what I figured.  You're going to need to document this more
> clearly in the ARC case and also in your user documentation.  I didn't
> see it in either place -- it needs to be in the man page for users.

I thought that most people may know it. I'll add it into documents soon.

>>In practice, six virtual consoles are enough for use. And if users
>>don't want to use all six virtual consoles in some cases, they can
>>just simply disable some.
> In computing, sentences of the form "X will be enough" for some integer X
> usually turn out to be wrong :)  I agree that for basic desktop use or
> whatever that will be fine, but you never know when someone building
> something more complex out of Solaris or some advanced admin will have
> needs that are somewhat out of the ordinary.

NO limitation to imagine :-)

> Anyway, I think the above procedure is fine for now given the rarity of
> this operation.  I will note that (as for other things) we really need
> to add a "clone" operation to SMF and possibly to svcadm which creates
> an instance of a service and automatically inherits various properties
> that will then be composed on top of those from the base service.



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