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> What is the recipe using the marks options to:
> 1. Do an initial export from one VCS;
> 2. Import it to another VCS;
> 3. Do an incremental export from the first VCS;
> 4. Import the incremental changes to the second VCS?

Here is an example.

You have a git repo with 2 commits,
6ea71fe7d36cf5b81c2100d97a822ecf0bc04746 and

When you use git-fast-export, it will produce something like:

commit refs/heads/master
mark :1
data X
first commit

commit refs/heads/master
mark :2
data Y
second commit
from :1

So in the exporter side you store the :1 <->
6ea71fe7d36cf5b81c2100d97a822ecf0bc04746 and :2
<->14b772a0d7cb983ab0c13d672ea89192c460d070 mapping.

Now if you create a third commit in git, let's say
e1f8f0cfbef594edd12aba13df8ec53d401ce944, then git-fast-export will

commit refs/heads/master
mark :3
data Z
third commit
from :2

And the "from :2" line is because
14b772a0d7cb983ab0c13d672ea89192c460d070 is a parent of
e1f8f0cfbef594edd12aba13df8ec53d401ce944, and from the marks file it
knows that 14b772a0d7cb983ab0c13d672ea89192c460d070 should be mapped to

It's the same on the importer side, just when you do an incremental
import, you will need the marks file to know that :2 means for example
"r2" in bzr.


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