Matt McClure wrote:

> Now I think --append isn't the right way to do incremental imports.
> I tried out the --{ex,im}port-marks options and `bzr fast-import`
> already does incremental imports using them.

It probably does though it lightly tested. It also expects to see the
*whole* repository in the input stream every time. The thinking behind
--append as an option was an explicit user-provided flag saying "I'm
telling you this is just an incremental addition, so don't complain
about the stream not matching what's already loaded into the repository."

I'm certainly not hung up on needing an option for that. There could
equally be some sort of marker in the stream itself indicating that. The
important point is that it ought to very difficult for fast-import to do
the wrong thing and screw up someone's repository.

> I need to emit "from" fast-import commands in the p4-fast-export
> stream so that `bzr fast-import` can use marks files.

That would be great.

Ian C.

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