On Sun, Sep 13, 2009 at 6:47 PM, Ian Clatworthy
<ian.clatwor...@canonical.com> wrote:
> Matt McClure wrote:
>> Now I think --append isn't the right way to do incremental imports.
>> I tried out the --{ex,im}port-marks options and `bzr fast-import`
>> already does incremental imports using them.
> It probably does though it lightly tested. It also expects to see the
> *whole* repository in the input stream every time. The thinking behind
> --append as an option was an explicit user-provided flag saying "I'm
> telling you this is just an incremental addition, so don't complain
> about the stream not matching what's already loaded into the repository."

I just tried it with a delta stream.  It needs all the marks, but not
the complete fast-import stream.

The following simple test works for me:

$ mkdir bzr-fast-import-delta
$ mkdir git-fast-export-delta
$ cd bzr-fast-import-delta
$ bzr init-repo .
$ cd ../git-fast-export-delta
$ git init
$ echo 1 > file.txt
$ git add file.txt
$ git commit -a -m '1'
$ git fast-export --all --export-marks=/tmp/gitexportmarks.txt >/tmp/data.fi
$ cd ../bzr-fast-import-delta
$ bzr fast-import --export-marks=/tmp/bzrimportmarks.txt /tmp/data.fi
$ cd ../git-fast-export-delta
$ echo 2 > file.txt
$ git commit -a -m '2'
$ git fast-export --all --import-marks=/tmp/gitexportmarks.txt
--export-marks=/tmp/gitexportmarks.txt >/tmp/data.fi
$ cd ../bzr-fast-import-delta
$ bzr fast-import --import-marks=/tmp/bzrimportmarks.txt
--export-marks=/tmp/bzrimportmarks.txt /tmp/data.fi


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