Sverre Rabbelier wrote:
> I talked with Augie Fackler (from hg) about this on IM and he says:

>> We don't support anything like that at present (no demand, when we check
>> nobody really seems to use git notes for anything)
>> so it doesn't seem relevant in fast-export
> So at least HG doesn't (currently) have any functionality that they
> could use to implement the importing of such a stream.

Thanks, good to know.  I suppose this definitely needs a feature name,
then (I'll send a patch to make it "feature notes").


[Aside: I suspect part of the reason "git notes" adoption is not so
great is the lack of git notes fetch/git notes push.  Sample size
of 1: I use notes heavily as a consumer, to dig up mailing list
threads[1], but have put off sharing my own annotations until I can
figure out how to make it convenient for others to use.]


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