also sprach Rustom Mody <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008.07.30.1322 +0200]:
> If I want to work on changes in the common part, I check out (a tag
> for) the point before the branch (as a detached head??)
> Work on that and then what?? Thats my question.

Don't you have a common branch, like master? You can't work with
detached heads, so you'd need to make a new branch there.

Once you made changes to such a branch, then you either merge this
branch into the branches for Beth and Albert and so on, in turn, or
you rebase each of these branches onto the tip of the branch you
worked on.

so if A,B,C are branes off master and you work a bit on master, then

  for i in A B C: do
    git checkout $i
    git merge master


  for i in A B C; do
    git rebase master $i

I suggest you make a copy of the repo and try this stuff out to see
what the difference is. gitk is really useful to visualise the

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what do you mean, it's not packaged in debian?
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