Jan Ptacek wrote:
> but I've run into a problem, cos I don't know how to git clone (mine)
> remote home.git
> into my home, cos git gives me
> fatal: destination directory already exists.
> (and I do not have root access on all machines)

Since git-clone is picky about files already existing in the directory
it clones into, I always do:

git clone git://git.kitenet.net/joey/home 
mv home/* home/.* .

> and what is more perplexing to me:
> Joey's own .mrconfig specifies following checkout cmd for his home:
> []
> order = 1
> checkout =
>           git clone ssh://j...@git.kitenet.net/srv/git/joey/home joey
> Is he really checking out his home into ~joey/joey ?

Well, that rule is really only for reference, I don't think I've ever
used it since I have to clone that to get the .mrconfig that contains

see shy jo

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