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[2009.11.24.2137 +0100]:
> right now i'm trying to find a solution to sync my home
> directory on different machines. Martin, Joey and others
> made a perfect job in defining/describing a solution with
> Joey's tool MR.

I actually got my vcs-home impulse from Joey.

> What is ~/.mrsetup. Is .mrconfig meant here?


> Why is it so. Martin also wrote before:
> > mr is Joey Hess' multiple repository tool and I configure it
> > like
> > this:
> >;;hb=HEAD. On
> > each machine I symlink those collections in ./roles to ~/.mr
> > (which
> > is what you see at the link). ~/.mrconfig then simply
> > includes them
> > and mr manages all my repos, including those under ~/.fgits
> Now i thought that there is only a single .mrconfig. This
> one is checked out by mrsetup in an earlier phase. The
> global .mrconfig file includes all modules which are put in
> ~/.mr/?  (symlinked from ~/roles)

Look at the script: the idea is that I store .mrconfig for each
machine/account separately, just in case I want to make local
changes. mrsetup checks in an auto-generated .mrconfig file in case
there isn't one for this account yet.

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