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[2009.11.25.1125 +0100]:
> The template mrconfig includes everything by running find over all
> 'roles/*'
> and sourcing 'base'.
> This means as a default on a new machine you take everything?

No, not roles/*. ~/.mr/templ/.mrconfig only says ~/.mr/*.

> For an account with less modules you modify your account specific
> .mrconfig.
> So symlinks are not used. Right?

I symlink from ~/.mr/roles/* to ~/.mr/ and store those symlinks in
each account's git repository.

> I would skip the 2-times .mrconfig bootstrapping. But this is my
> personal taste.

That was from a time when mr moved so fast that I needed a local
checkout. Nowadays, the Debian package probably will do.

> Thinking currently if it makes sense for me having .mrconfig
> account specific or doing it like in Joey's .mrconfig.complex with
> matching the hostname. Then the repository configuration for all
> hosts is in one place as for me its a "single" home directory with
> host-specific variations. Not sure right now.

I find single-file approaches too limiting, and they will get out of
control quickly if you have more than a handful accounts.

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