also sprach Jakob Voss <> [2010.05.26.1826 +0200]:
> But git-utime is only one side of the process. How do I
> 1) reset the commit time of selected files in the repository to their
> last modification timestamp (for the files that I have already
> commited)

man touch

> 2) add and commit a set of files in a batch such that each commit has
> the timestamp of the last modification time of its file (for new
> files).

man git-commit

> How do you deal with timestamp of you files? I heard there are
> some hacks to even preserve file permissions but I'd prefer
> a simple solution first.

Well, I'd suggest you don't reinvent the wheel and instead use

It doesn't force you to do one-commit-per-file, but instead just
saves and restores the metadata separately.

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