I've now released git-annex. The changelog from the prerelease version
I posted about here before follows. Thanks for your interest!

  * Can scp annexed files from remote hosts, and check remote hosts for
    file content when dropping files.
  * New move subcommand, that makes it easy to move file contents from
    or to a remote.
  * New fromkey subcommand, for registering urls, etc.
  * git-annex init will now set up a pre-commit hook that fixes up symlinks
    before they are committed, to ensure that moving symlinks around does not
    break them.
  * More intelligent and fast staging of modified files; git add coalescing.
  * Add remote.annex-ignore git config setting to allow completly disabling
    a given remote.
  * --from/--to can be used to control the remote repository that git-annex
  * --quiet can be used to avoid verbose output
  * New plumbing-level dropkey and addkey subcommands.
  * Lots of bug fixes.

see shy jo

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