Huh, so I just subscribed, received my list admin password, and it goes
like .....git -- coincidence?  ;-)

I wouldn't normally send an intruduction email, but this password thing
was just too funny to let it go unmentioned.  So, since I'm here
anyways...  For some years already, I'm distributing my $HOME/ to a bunch
of different machines, using either unison or Git, plus symlinks like
.bashrc -> shared/.bashrc.  This works quite fine, but I'll have a look
at this list's archives and the web page at
<http://vcs-home.madduck.net/> about what you guys are doing.

That aside, I also found your mailtags mailing list -- and I've been
meaning to have a look at the notmuch email system for a couple of months

Aaaahhh, so much interesting stuff to explore!  :-)


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