Hi all,

At Penny's suggestion, am cross-posting my experiments at using fake git
repos, vcsh and mr for homedir versioning.

I had to make a change as a result of using bash instead of zsh. Because
everyone's .bashrc sets PS1 (by default), I made vcsh set PSAPPEND, and
modified my .bashrc to append that to PS1 if set. It's not nearly as
graceful as the zsh prompt handling, but it does the trick for me. My prompt
looks like this: ni...@bubbles:~$ [vim.git]:$

I also found that status.showUntrackedFiles seems to work fine now. I have
made a script, fgit-create, to automate the process of setting up a new fake
git repo.

My dotfile repositories are at http://git.nigel.mcnie.name/ , the
"homedir-gitrepos" one has fgit-create and my modified vcsh.

I should probably make fgit-create force a commit of the changed .mrconfig
file in homedir-gitrepos, but I've scratched my itch for now.

Nigel McNie
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