Richard Hartmann wrote:
> I know Joey pondered this as well, you will find some references on
> git-annex' ikiwiki. This is needed for S3 in the medium term, anyway.
> Basically, the plan is to encrypt the files with a symmetric key and
> then allow access to that key via other keys. That way, you can share
> some files between machines/people and still make sure no one gets at
> stuff they shouldn't.
> The way to encrypt object files' names is still somewhat open to
> discussion, afaik.
> Classical dilemma: Where should this be discussed? On this list or
> within the ikiwiki? Maybe everyone interested should read through the
> ikiwiki and after some discussion here, we can dump use cases, design
> decisions etc back into ikiwiki as a TODO once Joey is happy with it?

I've put together my current thoughts at
Comments appreciated in any medium (except watercolors).

see shy jo

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