I just discovered dvcs-autosync as an good alternative to sparkleshare.
Especially for headless operation. However, I ran into some problems:

I changed the syncmethod to none, since I dont want to use Jabber. I
thought, that autosync will check every xx minutes for changes on the
git server, but nothing happens. Is it not implemented? I was used to it
with sparkleshare and it is quite handy.

How does autosync get the host name? I get following commit message with
hostename "None":
"Autocommit of file ... changed on host None"

Autosync makes correct commits to the repository, however, no push is
performed thereafter:

DEBUG:root:Substituting cmd part %s with Autocommit of file
/srv/http/pim/calendar2.ics changed on host None
DEBUG:root:Command 'git commit -m Autocommit of file
/srv/http/pim/calendar2.ics changed on host None' in '/srv/http/pim'.
[master 6c055fd] Autocommit of file /srv/http/pim/calendar2.ics changed
on host None
 1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 9021 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 calendar2.ics

DEBUG:root:git reported that there is nothing to commit, not touching
commit timer

Or is it deactivated if syncmethod = none?

Thanks for any help
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