On 24.10.2011 23:50, Dieter Plaetinck wrote:
I changed the syncmethod to none, since I dont want to use Jabber. I
thought, that autosync will check every xx minutes for changes on the
git server, but nothing happens. Is it not implemented? I was used to
it with sparkleshare and it is quite handy.
Dieter is correct, syncmethod = none will not do any synchronization with other instances. For this use case, a syncmethod = poll or something similar may be helpful, but I won't (realistically) get around to implement that in the next few months myself. Patches are certainly welcome!

How does autosync get the host name? I get following commit message
with hostename "None":
"Autocommit of file ... changed on host None"
It uses the host name reported by the system (should be the same you get e.g. by calling hostname).

Autosync makes correct commits to the repository, however, no push is
performed thereafter:

DEBUG:root:Substituting cmd part %s with Autocommit of file
/srv/http/pim/calendar2.ics changed on host None
DEBUG:root:Command 'git commit -m Autocommit of file
/srv/http/pim/calendar2.ics changed on host None' in '/srv/http/pim'.
[master 6c055fd] Autocommit of file /srv/http/pim/calendar2.ics
changed on host None
   1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 9021 deletions(-)
   delete mode 100644 calendar2.ics

DEBUG:root:git reported that there is nothing to commit, not touching
commit timer

Or is it deactivated if syncmethod = none?

No, it shouldn't be, and I have not observed that behaviour (but I am not using syncmethod = none in practice myself). This might be a bug.

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