Richard Hartmann wrote:
> * git annex status does not know about the global annex keys & size

I think this could be fixed fairly easily using the existing code to
list the keys in a non-checked out git branch.

> One thing I have been pondering is to create a local clone of the bare
> repo and soft-link its .git/annex/objects to the bare's one. Is this
> sane or totally crazy?

It will defeat git-annex's location tracking so could lead to data loss.

> Another thing is that I would like this central bare repo to be a
> common backup point. I.e. it should incorporate bup seamlessly. From
> how I understand the docs, this is impossible with a bare git-annex
> repo; hopefully I am wrong.

I don't know why bup couldn't be used with a bare repository, but I am
unsure if trying to use bup in the same git repository as git-annex is
worth the potential complication.

see shy jo

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