Richard Hartmann wrote:
> No, the branch was still there. If you want the contents, I can send
> them off-list.

Hmm, either the main git-annex branch or origin/git-annex seems to be
missing based on the error message, and I don't think it's the latter.

> Sounds like a good idea. One question about the UUID, though. I
> created a repo as replacement for a borked one and after running `git
> annex init foo`, it set a UUID for that repo. I copied over the old
> UUID, hoping to reduce clutter from unused repos, but git annex status
> still told me the local repo had the initial UUID.
> The above seems to imply that this should work.

The only place the uuid for a repository is stored is .git/config.

> Finally, I think there's still no way to declare a repo permanently
> gone, i.e. so that it will never show up in any status reports or
> similar ever again. Or did I just not find it?

There is not.

see shy jo

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