Adam Spiers wrote:
> I already did this; in fact I *had* to, in order to support GNU stow,
> which requires the stow package namespace to be the list of
> directories under a single "stow directory".  If you look for
> $STOW_PKG_PATH in the code I originally posted, you'll see:
>     STOW_DIR=$HOME/.cfg
>     ...
>     MR_NAME="`basename $MR_REPO`"
>     ...
> and then post_{checkout,update} call the install() function which
> does:
>     ensure_symlink_exists "$STOW_PKG_PATH" "${MR_REPO%/}"
> However, the basename operation does not preserve the uniqueness
> property which $MR_REPO had, and that's why I say that we need an
> additional namespace.

So pick an operation that does? tr / _ would do, for example.

see shy jo

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