Klaus Ethgen wrote:
> At the moment I am not absolutely sure of the bug or not.
> Lets make an example.
>    > git annex status
>            zzzzzzzz-zzzz-zzzz-zzzz-zzzzzzzzzzzz -- Clone

>    > git annex drop file/name
>    drop file/name ok

>    > git annex status
> And no Clone repository anymore. But it is still a valid repository and
> in this case it ist one of the repositories that still has the dropped
> file!

It certianly looks like a bug. I cannot even think of how it would be
changing git-annex:uuid.log when all you did is a drop, and particularly
if there was no auto-merge of another git-annex branch.

Can you check out the git-annex branch and run git-log on uuid.log, 
and see what the most recent change to it looked like?

Do you have any clues how I can set up a repository that replicates this

see shy jo

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