Sean Whitton wrote:
> On my second machine, my laptop, I don’t seem to be able to push to the
> centralised repository: I am getting the error one gets when one hasn’t
> yet done a pull and done a merge, but I definitely have:

> | ! [rejected]        git-annex -> git-annex (non-fast-forward)

You probably need to run git annex merge. 

If you pull and then immediatly push, git-annex does not get a chance to
run, so its behavior of normally transparently handling merging of its
branch doesn't happen. So the sequence needs to be pull, git annex merge, push

I'd like to get a post-pull hook into git so git annex merge can run
automatically after pulls, but it's not there yet. (Git's post-merge hook
could be used but does not always get run after a pull.)

see shy jo

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