Adam Spiers wrote:
> Bearing in mind the below:
> On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 11:58 AM, Adam Spiers <> wrote:
> > However, even ignoring all these reasons, the requirement for a
> > namespace of short repository identifiers (which cannot contain the
> > '/' character) is an unavoidable consequence of supporting integration
> > between mr and GNU Stow, since Stow already requires it.  My --repos
> > patch automatically builds this namespace by taking the basenames of
> > each repository directory, and then carefully handling the minority of
> > cases where these are non-unique with minimal disruption to the end
> > user.
> please could you cherry-pick this new version of the patch?

Most people will not use it. Some people will use it when they could
have simply used symlinks to point to the actual location of their
repositories to provide short names for them. It has the potential to
affect any current user of mr, who could be confronted with a warning
message about inability to slot a repo into this other namespace. It
adds the complexity of a separate namesepace, which feels strongly like
a bad idea.

You seem to be using the idea as your sole hammer to knock down various
nails that can be pulled in simpler ways, as seen in
Stow's need for a flat namespace also seems to have a simpler approach
of echo $MR_REPO | tr / _

see shy jo

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