Hello all,

After a recent pull/annex merge/push I noticed that my git-annex’d dir
is filled with three character hex named folders, which contain more
such folders, which contain log files named after my annex’d files (I

This is in the root directory of my repository, rather than in .git, yet
git status doesn’t show them as untracked.

What are these files and how do I hide them/get rid of them?



Example top-level folder names: 0c4/  188/  24c/  310/  3d4/  498/  55c/
620/  6e4/  7a8/  86c/  930/  9f4/  ab8/  b7b/

Example of folders inside these: 208/  4bf/  50e/  589/  681/  848/  9d6/  a98/ 
 d08/  fe0/

And files inside these:
-rw-r--r--  1 swhitton users  116 2011-12-13 21:36 

and the contents of this log file:
1323706634.877782s 1 3b276dee-24bc-11e1-b398-77f694c39d9a
1323742283.094337s 1 8fbb816c-24bf-11e1-b46a-3fcb62e1edbd

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