vcsh+mr users now need to add this to ~/.mrconfig:
include = cat /usr/share/mr/vcsh

apparently, this is how one should tell mr how to source one of its libraries.
but I see two problems:
1) path of libraries can change when updating system (mr package)
2) path of libraries can differ accross multiple systems.  whereas those 
systems can share the same mr configuration.

I'm okay with having to tell mr explicitly to load the vcsh library, however 
specifying the path in the user configuration is IMHO not the right approach, 
given the above 2 points.  Instead, I believe mr itself should be aware of the 
directory (or directories) holding its libraries. (can be done by replacing a 
variable definition with sed during a make run, for example)

So that user configuration can become something like:
include = cat $lib/vcsh
or even:
libs = vcsh

I've been looking in the manpage of mr and couldn't find something like this.


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