Klaus Ethgen wrote:
> I seems to be predestined to find strange problems. ;-)
> Today I cloned a remote git annexed repository that has a space in path.
> With git I have to use one backslash instead of three that are needed in
> scp. Now I tried to get a document from that repository and failed as
> git-annex seems to use scp and need all three backslashes.
> Is there any way to work around that problem?

I've pushed a change that improves git-annex's support for weird urls
like this:

        url = ssh://localhost/home/joey/tmp/foo bar
        url = localhost:tmp/foo bar

Before, git-annex would seem to ignore the first of these (it actually
thought it was a local directory!), and complained the second was a
bad url, now both are supported and work in my tests.

Maybe this will fix your problem. If not, what kind of repository is it,
a git repository, or a special remote, and what does the url for it in
.git/config look like?

see shy jo

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