Adam Spiers wrote:
> I've automated this workflow into another script called 'git-dwim'
> (i.e. "Do What I Mean"), although it could equally be called
> 'git-sync-with-upstream'.  Of course now I want to run this across all
> my repositories via mr, but mr currently assumes that actions are
> non-interactive (until they fail and the --interactive switch is
> given).  For example, if --quiet is provided, all output from the
> action is captured, and then only output if the action returns a
> non-zero exit code.  Clearly this is not compatible with interactive
> actions.

It would be more accurate to say that neither -j nor --quiet can be used
with interactive actions. mr commit can be an interactive action unless
-m is provided, so they're certianly supported by mr in general.

One approach could be to add a flag denoting which commands can be
interactive and refuse to run them with -j or --quiet. Although mr
really has no way of knowing if a commit has flags specified that make
it noninteractive. The other approach is to accept that like all unix
tools this can be used to shoot yourself in the foot.

see shy jo

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