I've started to use git-annex in a p2p setup on 2 laptops, 1 home backup 
server and 1 remote server. Nice!

First I had git-annex repos all around in my home dir at different locations 
but now I moved them all into .local/share/git-annex and made symlinks from 
their original locations.

I hope that with time I (or you) might come up with some useful automation 
from having all git-annex repos at one place? e.g.

 * don't require full ssh access for git-annex sync
 * automatically sync all git-annex repos when at home
 * have one place to look for files that are under-replicated in any repo
 * Provide a fuse-mountable filesystem on top of git-annex that gets files
   on first access, see: http://roland.entierement.nu/blog/2012/03/01/looking-
 * ...

How do you do this? Do you have all your git-annex repos in one place? Do you 
have multiple git-annex repos (music, books, movies, podcast, techvideos, 
...)? Do you use mr to manage your git-annex repos?

BTW: Would you like to mentor some git-annex or vcsh work for the Google 
Summer of Code? Maybe this would be possible under the Debian umbrella?

Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro
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