Thomas Koch wrote:
> given 3..n git-annex repositories that all have the other repositories 
> defined 
> as remotes and all repositories doing syncs to random other repositories in a 
> random order and no file being added or removed during this process:
> Will all repos converge at some point in time? Or does every sync process 
> cause a change in the git repository which in turn will cause changes in all 
> other git repositories? In the latter case it might not be a good idea to set 
> up regular unattended syncs between git-annex repos?

Sync should converge given a well-enough connected network and enough
nodes within it running sync, although I lack a full proof of this and
haven't tried to quantify the details. (Joachim Breitner may have one).

There was a bug that caused a "commit ladder" in gitk,
but a kind user pointed out the problem and it's been fixed for a while;
git-annex merge does fast-forward merges whenever possible.

see shy jo

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