Thomas Koch wrote:
>  * don't require full ssh access for git-annex sync

It doesn't. git-annex-shell can be forced as the shell.

>  * automatically sync all git-annex repos when at home

I use mr for this.

>  * have one place to look for files that are under-replicated in any repo

mr could be used for this

>  * Provide a fuse-mountable filesystem on top of git-annex that gets files
>    on first access, see:
> for-the-ultimate-distributed-filesystem-take-2.html

Depends .. is it really desirable to have a filesystem where a file
access can block arbitrarily long as it's transferred into place?
FUSE is a nice way to introduce lots of undesired behavior bridging the
gap between git-annex and POSIX filesystem semantics, while
git-annex's interface is designed to work well as-is.

> BTW: Would you like to mentor some git-annex or vcsh work for the Google 
> Summer of Code? Maybe this would be possible under the Debian umbrella?

It's a possibility. I would much like to see a UI to make git-annex
usable for more nontechnical users -- ideally an integration with an
existing file manager so there's an interface to add, get, drop files
and nice progress displays for the expensive operations. At the more
CS end of the spectrum, there are things like git-annex unused where
finding the right data structures could improve memory use and performance

see shy jo

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