first I just wanted to report that I have a git-annex repo that is really big 
and slow and that this makes me kind of unhappy. Then I realized, that it may 
be a good idea to add a "diagnostics" command to git-annex that will gather 
all informations useful for you to improve git-annex, e.g. for my repo:

du -hs

time git status
4.34s real  0.07s user  0.15s system  13 maxmem/kb  36384 nrInOps  5% CPU

find .git/annex/objects -type f | wc -l

find . -type l -a \( -path ".git" -prune -o -print \) | wc -l 

find .git/objects -type f | wc -l

time git annex fsck --fast | grep -A 10 -v "ok$"
1200.66s real  45.35s user  5.86s system  156 maxmem/kb  301856 nrInOps  4%

The last one is the annoying one. It takes 1200sec=20min to do an annex fsck 
--fast over the repo.

git gc --aggressive
Counting objects: 1067858, done.
Delta compression using up to 2 threads.
Compressing objects: 100% (1063155/1063155), done.
Writing objects: 100% (1067858/1067858), done.
Total 1067858 (delta 856150), reused 165564 (delta 0)
Removing duplicate objects: 100% (256/256), done.
Checking connectivity: 1067858, done.

I didn't take the time for the last call, but it was well over an hour.

Best regards,

Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro
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