I use dvcs-autosync+git on a daily basis, and contributed to the project.

In my previous email 
(http://www.mail-archive.com/vcs-home@lists.madduck.net/msg00579.html) I found 
some issues wrt race conditions and handling FS events correctly with 
dvcs-autosync.  Basically realizing dvcs-autosync behavior is racey and can do 
the wrong thing (like deleting your files when it shouldn't: if we start `git 
rm` but the file gets added just before/when that happens, although this can be 
alleviated with `git rm --cached`).  This prompted me to look into atomic 
operations (see point 3 in that mail) and more specifically started this thread 
on the git mailing list:
My assumption was that at least git would be able to work atomically, but I was 
=> If you modify a file while 'git add' is running on that file, 'git add' may 
abort and give an error.
The most important information is in this post, I think 

So what we really need is a way to bring the git index reliably in a state that 
corresponds with the state of the working copy (this doesn't need to be the 
most recent state, if the working copy is in constant flux, as long as the 
index becomes consistent once the WC settles down), and this without ever 
executing 'git rm' (as that can remove a file if you recreate the file just 
before/when you execute the git command), and without failing on files that got 
removed just before/during the add/sync operation, all that keeping in mind the 
file should not be changed when running 'git add' (or run 'git add' repeatedly 
with my patch applied until it doesn't give an error)

how could we fix all this?
some kind of snapshot mechanism? preferably very light-weight and 
per-file/per-directory? and with COW because it should be transparent (files 
should never be blocked from being written to).  maybe some tricks with file 
descriptors, implementing an own tool that can "sync WC changes to the index" 
for this particular use case? restricting dvcs-autosync to certain FS'es (lvm 
snapshots, a fuse wrapper, ...?)

I think I just found a pretty simple solution.  How about this:
* have dvcs-autosync collect inotify events like how it currently does, 
allowing some time for multiple events to coalesce.
* once it decides it's time to sync changes to the index (i.e. WC has been 
stable for a certain amount of time), it only needs to look at the _last_ 
notify event:
-> if the last notify event for the file was a create/modify, call this script: 
-> if it was a delete event: run git rm --cached
* if any further events happened, just repeat the above.  there is no chance of 
accidental file removal or pushing the wrong things to the index, and it 
guarantees that the index will always be in sync with the WC once it settles 

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