On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 05:12:26PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> I archive my mail to compressed mboxes, one per month. If I used maildir
> it'd flirt with running out of inodes or exceeding the number of files
> git can comfortably scale to. And it would probably waste rather a lot
> of space. The main disadvantage of mbox for me is that notmuch does
> not support it. I use mairix instead.

So you are using git on these compressed mboxes?  Isn’t that rather
slow?  Do you split it by month to make it faster or something?

> I am not using git-annex for it yet because this predates git-annex, and
> the 1 gb that ~/mail/.git is wasting has not yet been space that I
> strongly needed for something else. I do anticipate switching it to
> git-annex eventually. I've been meaning to start keeping an archive of
> all incoming mail (even spam), before mutt gets a chance to delete some
> of it, and that will grow a lot faster and will need to use git-annex.

I was taking a look at how git-annex handles modifying files, which I
haven’t used before; would this actually work well—wouldn’t you need
to use be continually using git annex unused and pulling in new
versions on the file on your other machines?


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