Hi Thomas,

On Tue 13.08.2013 12:36:33, Thomas Koch wrote:
> has anybody a ZSH config snippet to share that shows the name of the current 
> vcsh repo in my prompt?

I got it running: 

Line 11 integrates it directly into the vcs_info prompt, which then in turn
is copied to $psvar[1] (lines 32-37) and as such referenced as %1v in line
99. As I have a lot of repos it checks if $VCSH_REPO_NAME is set and then
included this into the vcs_info output with an appended pipe.

> Extra bonus if it integrates nicely in the grml zsh config. :-)

Dunno if this integrates nicely. But I think you can simply change the
vcs_info format and it will show up.


Andre Klärner

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